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Coconut-Covered Treat Balls for Parrots and Pet Birds

Give this recipe a try and treat your flock to some bird-safe rum balls. Yum!

BEautiful parrot rum balls

NOTE: this recipe uses our raw parrot cookie "dough" mixture as a base, you can find the instructions here. Once you’ve made your raw mixture (remembering to skip the baking step), return to this page and continue from here.


This recipe is specifically designed for parrots and is aimed at birds that regularly eat dry pellets.

  • Raw parrot cookie dough mixutre (see above note for details)
  • 1 cup shredded or desiccated coconut

Instructions (In a Nutshell)

  1. Make our raw mixture
  2. Pour coconut onto a large plate
  3. Roll raw dough mixture into small balls (small enough that your bird will be able to hold and eat them comfortably)
  4. Roll each ball over the coconut for an even coating
  5. Bake the mixture into small flattened biscuits in an oven until just starting to brown or firm to the touch.

Parrot treat ball cooking steps


If your bird isn't a coconut fan you can substitute the coconut shreds for a small nut or grain of your choice (eg sesame or millet). Alternatively, use a rolling pin or mortar and pestle to crush your birds favourite nut (Chika loves peanuts and almonds) into pieces that are small enough to use as your coating.

Remember that larger nuts usually have a higher fat content than small seeds and grains. For a healthy alternative use pellets instead (either whole or crushed) to make these treat-balls more of a daily staple food.

Finished treat balls

Store these ‘rum balls’ in the fridge, or keep them in the freezer for a handy long-lasting treat source.

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