FAQ | BeakBox



How safe is my BeakBox?

Safety is our top priority and we work hard to ensure our toys are safe for both birds and humans. BeakBoxes are designed to keep all wires and electrical components out of your bird’s reach behind strong stainless steel plating, and all bird-operated components are designed to withstand the strongest bites from large beaks.

How much power does my BeakBox use and is this safe?

BeakBoxes are powered by a Micro USB cable which should be plugged into a USB port (e.g. your phone charger brick, USB power bank, or computer). The voltage used is very low and all toys undergo thorough testing, while sleep functionality ensures that power is consumed safely and only when needed.

Why not use batteries?

Shipping batteries or battery-related components is subject to strict reregulations in many countries - it's dangerous, expensive and requires a lot of paperwork and workaround. To keep the price down and bring the BeakBox into the hands and claws of our lovely customers as quickly as possible, we’d build it with a USB power input for now. You can still make your BeakBox wireless with a USB power bank. Learn more here.

How safe are the materials?

The only material your bird should have contact with when using their BeakBox is stainless steel, while the rest of the toy is made from 100% bird safe and non-toxic materials like New Zealand Grown Pinus radiata plywood.

Do your products contain any glue?

BeakBoxes only contain inert, cured glues and thermoplastic adhesives which are non-toxic to birds and humans.

Is BeakBox a good fit for my bird?

Our stainless steel lever has been designed to work with any kind of beak or claws that have enough strength to pull or push it. The BeakBox will perfectly fit medium-sized birds like:

  • Indian Ringnecks
  • Cockatiels
  • Amazon Parrots
  • Conures, Caiques and Green-Cheeked Parakeets
  • Small Cockatoos (eg. Galahs)
  • Rainbow Lorikeets
  • Alexandrines, etc.

If you have small-sized birds like Budgies, Finches, or Canaries, you can use the BeakBox as a musical perch or attach bird-safe ropes or toys to the small hole on the lever so your bird can grab or pull it.

We recommend using a Big Bird Beak Blocker with your BeakBox for big birds like:

  • Large Cockatoos (eg. Sulfur Crested)
  • Macaws
  • African Grey, etc.