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Help your bird get the most out of their new toy with these tips straight from the people who made it. In order to operate their BeakBox, your pet must first understand what it does and how it works, which may require some patience and teaching from their human. With this in mind, please remember that this toy is intended to present a challenge to pets interacting with it - the learning curve is part of the fun!

Lead By Example

Make sure that your pet is present when you are setting up and testing your BeakBox - you can also reach into your cage and press the lever at any time to play music for your pet. It is important that your bird sees you press the lever and associates interactions with the toy with hearing their favourite music and receiving positive reinforcement.

Incentivise BeakBox Interactions

Your pet will be a lot more likely to use this toy if it is placed somewhere they can access it easily. If you install your BeakBox in a corner of the cage they rarely visit then they will not be reminded to use it. Choose a spot which is high up in order to make your bird feel safe, with a perch or landing nearby so they don't have to cling from the cage bars to reach the lever.

Never underestimate the power of treats! The lever on your BeakBox has a small hole which can be used to attach tempting snacks. Alternatively, soft treat foods like peanut butter, liquid nectar or porridge can be placed directly on the lever, encouraging your bird to lick and bite their way to playing music!

Customize your toy! Use pet-safe string or rope to make a 'pull-chain' or attach your favourite hanging toys from the lever. This will give your bird more to grab, pull, and experiment with.

Reward, reward, reward!

When your pet interacts with their BeakBox (whether they press the lever and music plays or they just nibble at the metal), present them with a favourite treat and tell them they have done an awesome job. If your pet has an established method of training (for example clicker training) use this method to help them understand what you are asking them to do. Remember that you are not trying to teach them how to skip and play songs, this is something they will pick up as they use the toy themselves. You are simply showing them that this new hunk of metal is worth investigating, experimenting, and playing with!

You might not see everything...

This is a boredom-busting toy that is designed as a cage-companion for birds who experience periods of time without social stimulation. Your bird will most likely be distracted by their favourite toy (you) when you're present, and use their BeakBox when you are not around to see it.

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