BeakBox: Interactive & Safe Musical Parrot Toys

Interactive Music Toy for Birds

Transform your bird's cage into an enriched and interactive playground!

How It Works

What Is BeakBox?

BeakBox is a unique musical bird toy that has been thoughtfully designed to provide cognitive stimulation through interactive music. Our bird toy lets your feathered friends play and choose music for themselves when you are away.

BeakBoxes come pre-loaded with songs we know your bird will love, but you can customise your BeakBox playlist at any time to include your bird’s favourite songs or bird calls.

Green parrot sitting on the perch

100% Safe Materials

We use only safe, non-toxic materials. No paints, dye, lead, zinc, or other toxic elements in our bird toys.

Yellow parrot chewing on the BeakBox

Durable and Beak Resistant

Strong, durable stainless steel protects your BeakBox from the most curious beaks!

BeakBox attached to the cage

Wi-Fi Enabled

Connect your BeakBox bird toy to your home Wi-Fi and keep it updated with the latest features.

Frustrated by Bird Toys?

We are too! That is why we designed and built the BeakBox - a bird toy that is made of strong and beak-resistant stainless steel. It's stronger than titanium which is used for building spaceships! Our bird toys are designed to be indestructible and will last forever. How do we know? We tested it!

Why Choose BeakBox?

BeakBox is not your typical bird toy - it is a smart and interactive musical companion for your pet birds that keeps them physically and mentally stimulated during the day. BeakBox gives your bird full control over their music. Tired of a tune? Press the lever and voila - a new song is playing!

Safety is our top priority! That’s why our bird toys are made of 100% safe materials - pine and stainless steel. BeakBoxes don’t contain rope, string, or any other materials that may cause strangulation or entanglement, or issues when ingested. Our bird toys contain no paint, dye, lead, or zinc!

Keep Your Flock Happy and Healthy

Find BeakBox that fits your bird!

BeakBox Mini

  • Re-designed with smaller birds in mind
  • 3D-printed from plant-based, BPA-free and non-toxic plastic
  • Perfect fit for Budgies, Finches, Cockatiels and Canaries

BeakBox Medium

  • Made of safe, high-quality materials: pine and stainless steel
  • Perfect fit for medium-sized birds like Indian Ringnecks, Conures, and Small Cockatoos

BeakBox Large

  • Made of safe, high-quality materials: pine and stainless steel
  • Comes with a large stainless steel addition for extra protection
  • Perfect fit for larger birds like Large Cockatoos, Macaws, or African Grays

What Our Customers Are Saying


Rachel and Iago

"My macaw absolutely loves his BeakBox. It gives him something interesting to do whilst I'm away from him and it enables me to really stimulate his cage play in different ways. Super easy to set up/down and virtually bombproof if set up correctly."



"This product is a beautiful, functional piece of art you and your bird will both enjoy! Their eyes light up when they pull the lever and a different song starts playing."



"Amazing musical toy. Great toy for birds who may be bored while their owners are away. The toy is simple to use and not intimidating. The best part is adding your own music for your birds to listen to. Easy set up and plug in which is a plus!"

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