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Smart and Durable
Music Toy for Birds

BeakBox keeps your feathered friend happy and healthy while you’re away. It's an eco-friendly, and safe bird toy which is fun and easy to use. Transform your bird's cage into an enriched and interactive playground!

Music is proven to increase happiness and overall well-being of birds

But many lack this stimulation while their human friends are away from home. Some bird owners leave a radio or the TV on during the day to entertain their flock, but many of them are not aware that it might potentially harm their feathered friends.

Birds can easily be displeased, stressed, or even annoyed by the songs, voices, or sounds coming from your radio or TV. Unlike us, human beings, they don't have a remote to skip the song and play their favorite tunes when they are in a bad mood.

Intelligent and musical, birds do not cope well with boredom - they might pluck feathers, bite, or lose their appetite when they are not given enough mental and emotional stimulation.

Parrots require considerable cognitive stimulation throughout the day to stay enriched but the lack of intelligent bird toys leaves bird owners no options. And we changed that!

BeakBox has been thoughtfully designed to provide cognitive stimulation through interaction and music. With the BeakBox we want to raise general awareness of the level of mental and emotional stimulation pet birds require to be both happy and healthy.

Small and Light

BeakBoxes are make of Pine and satinless steel - no paint, dye, lead or Zinc!

Durable and Beak Resistent

Strong, durable stainless steel protects your BeakBox from the most curious beaks!

Wi-Fi Enabled

Bust bird boredom with the interactive lever - BeakBox gives your bird full control of the music.

Safety by Design

  • 100% non-toxic materials, no paint or stain, ropes, string, or other materials with risk of strangulation, entanglement, or ingestion.
  • Only harmless low voltage power.
  • Lever designed with a blunt end to prevent injury.

Robust and Durable

  • Bird accessible parts made from stainless steel - this is very strong and harder than titanium.
  • Moving parts for lever are all made from steel for long life and better ergonomics.
  • Strong, beak resistant front plate which is much stronger than the bars of any bird cage.

By Bird Parents for Bird Parents

  • Use as a learning tool, a toy for entertainment and fun or a cage companion to keep them company.
  • Ease separation anxiety through music and interactive feedback.
  • Eco-friendly and recyclable.

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