Smart and Durable Music Toy for Birds | BeakBox

Smart and Durable
Music Toy for Birds

BeakBox keeps your feathered friend happy and healthy while you’re away. It's an eco-friendly, and safe bird toy which is fun and easy to use. Transform your bird's cage into an enriched and interactive playground!

Outside the Cage

Human Controls

  • Customizable Playlist
  • WiFi-Enabled
  • Speaker Volume Controls
  • Aesthetic Look and Feel

Inside the Cage

Bird Controls

  • Press to Play
  • Press to Skip
  • Indestructible Stainless Steel Lever
  • Easy to Install

See BeakBox in Action!

Safety by Design

  • 100% non-toxic materials, no paint or stain, ropes, string, or other materials with risk of strangulation, entanglement, or ingestion.
  • Only harmless low voltage power.
  • Lever designed with a blunt end to prevent injury.

Robust and Durable

  • Bird accessible parts made from stainless steel - this is very strong and harder than titanium.
  • Moving parts for lever are all made from steel for long life and better ergonomics.
  • Strong, beak resistant front plate which is much stronger than the bars of any bird cage.

By Bird Parents for Bird Parents

  • Use as a learning tool, a toy for entertainment and fun or a cage companion to keep them company.
  • Ease separation anxiety through music and interactive feedback.
  • Eco-friendly and recyclable.

Meet some of our BeakBox Pioneers who are already choosing their tunes...

beautiful.banana instagram tag graphic

"When I put Chika to bed with her BeakBox I wake up the next morning to her favorite song playing, followed by the rest of the tracks being skipped so she can hear her favorite again!"

lewis_the_caique instagram tag graphic

"he BeakBox has a nice look and feels very safe. If we had one second of doubt it would not feel safe enough we would not have used it. Lewis is often scared of new things, but it caught his curiosity right away."

Stephen the Senegal instagram tag graphic

Stephen Senegal has this lever sorted! His favorite is the bird song and he changes it if the other music comes on and I caught him whistling along."

iagothemacaw instagram tag graphic

"BeakBox is a totally unique, interactive musical bird toy made by some awesome people who have really thought about creating toys that stimulate our pets in creative ways."

What's Inside?

(techy stuff)


  • Powerful integrated speaker
  • Wifi 802.11b/g/n 2.4ghz
  • Finished with stainless steel and NZ grown Pinus radiata


  • USB power supply 5v 200mA
  • Dimensions - 90mm x 90mm x 60mm (3.5" x 3.5" x 2.5")
  • Weight - 225g (8oz)

Included components

  • BeakBox, USB cable, Micro-SD Card and adapter.
BeakBox components, including power cable, SD card and the toy itself