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Is BeakBox a good fit for my bird?

BeakBox currently has 3 sizes - BeakBox Mini, BeakBox Standard, and BeakBox - Edition for Big Birds.

The BeakBox Standard will perfectly fit medium-sized birds like Indian Ringnecks, Cockatiels, Amazon Parrots, Conures, Caiques, Green-Cheeked Parakeets, Small Cockatoos (eg. Galahs), Rainbow Lorikeets, Alexandrines, etc.

If you have small-sized birds like Budgies, Finches, Cockatiels, or Canaries, BeakBox Mini will be a perfect fit for you. We’ve redesigned our original BeakBox lever with smaller species in mind and 3D-print each of them from plant-based biodegradable plastic that is safe for birds.

We recommend using BeakBox - Edition for Big Birds for birds like Large Cockatoos (eg. Sulfur Crested), Macaws, African Grey, etc.

How safe is my BeakBox?

Safety is our top priority and we work hard to ensure our toys are safe for both birds and humans. BeakBoxes are designed to keep all wires and electrical components out of your bird’s reach behind strong stainless steel plating (BeakBox Standard, BeakBox - Edition for Big Birds) or plant-based plastic plating (BeakBox Mini), and all bird-operated components are designed to withstand the strongest bites from the most curious beaks.

Does BeakBox need to be plugged in?

Yes. The BeakBox doesn’t have a battery built in and is powered by a micro USB cable that needs to be plugged into a USB port (like your phone charger brick, USB power bank, or computer) to work.

Why not use batteries?

Shipping batteries or battery-related components is subject to strict reregulations in many countries - it's dangerous, expensive, and requires a lot of paperwork and workaround. To keep the price down and bring the BeakBox into the hands and claws of our lovely customers as quickly as possible, we’ve built it with a USB power input for now. You can still make your BeakBox wireless with a USB power bank.

How much power does my BeakBox use?

The voltage used is very low and all toys undergo thorough testing, while a sleep button ensures that power is consumed safely and only when needed.

How safe are the materials?

The only material your birds will have contact with while using their BeakBox is stainless steel and all electronics are hidden behind non-toxic New Zealand Grown Pinus radiata plywood, or plant-based plastic for the BeakBox Mini.

Does BeakBox contain any glue?

BeakBoxes only contain inert, cured glues and thermoplastic adhesives which are non-toxic to birds and humans.

Do I need to connect my BeakBox to the Wi-Fi?

Your BeakBox will still work fine without a web connection. Connecting keeps your BeakBox up-to-date with our latest software. It will also let you better manage your bird’s experience through a web interface and give you access to future features.

Can I change the volume on my BeakBox?

Yes, you can!

Beakbox How-To Guides

How to install the BeakBox

  1. You will need your BeakBox and the cable that came with it, a power source, and some music!
  2. Unscrew both wingnuts from the BeakBox by rotating them anti-clockwise. Then remove the two bolts, each with oval washers attached.
  3. Press the metal plate against the outside of the cage with the lever poking inside between the bars. Ensure the lever is free to move.
  4. Hold the BeakBox in place and reach into the cage to place the bolts, with washers attached, into the top and bottom mounting holes.
  5. Screw wingnuts onto the bolts. Ensure the oval washer is horizontal and firmly tighten.
  6. Insert a micro-SD card with tunes into the slot and plug it into a USB port. Indicator LED should turn green. Press the lever and enjoy the music!

How to connect my BeakBox to the Wi-Fi

To connect your BeakBox to the Wi-Fi, you will need:

Follow these steps to connect your BeakBox to the Wi-Fi:

  1. Connect your device to the BeakBox Wi-Fi network - look for a network with a similar to 'MyBeakBox-NNNNNN' name using the password: boxflock
  2. Once connected, open an internet browser on your device and navigate to https://mybeakbox.local or on older devices
  3. Select your home Wi-Fi access point from the list available and connect to it using your Wi-Fi password

That’s all! Your BeakBox is now connected to your network and able to update when needed.

How to customise my BeakBox playlist

Pre-loaded tracks on your BeakBox have been thoroughly selected for your bird - they are soft, gentle, and bird-friendly. But you can easily customise the playlist and upload your bird’s favourite tunes.

Please make sure that the music files you’re uploading onto the microSD card are in .mp3 file format and are dropped (or pasted) directly to the root folder.

Steps to create a custom playlist:

  1. Unplug your BeakBox
  2. Remove the microSD card from the BeakBox by pulling it out
  3. Insert the microSD card into the SD card adapter provided with the BeakBox
  4. Insert the adapter into the SD card slot on your computer
  5. Open the microSD card root folder in your file explorer and drag and drop the tunes you want to upload onto your BeakBox
  6. Eject the microSD card safely from your computer, take it out and insert it back into the BeakBox
  7. Plug it in and enjoy new tunes!

We recommend having only music files on your microSD card. BeakBox has to scan through the files and folders on the card looking for mp3 files and it can take long time if there are a lot of non-mp3 files.

BeakBox can play up to 100 songs, please do not upload more than that.

How to encourage my bird to use the BeakBox?

We have a blog article sharing the best tips and tricks that will help your bird get used to the BeakBox and get the most out of it.

BeakBox Troubleshooting

I can’t connect my BeakBox to the Wi-Fi

If you have trouble connecting your BeakBox to the Wi-Fi, please follow this flowchart process when connecting your BeakBox.

Don’t leave the local BeakBox web page open on your browser. While the page is open it refreshes the connection status putting additional load on the BeakBox and consuming connections.

Be patient with the BeakBox - it is running a very small computer and serving a web page puts a lot of load on it. Don’t try to connect from multiple devices to the BeakBox at the same time. Each connection uses some memory on the BeakBox and the number of connections is limited.

My microSD card is damaged. What card should I replace it with?

The BeakBox comes with an 8GB microSD card that you can get at any local electronics store. It will work with any other card but we recommend using a card of the smallest size available.

My BeakBox stopped working. What do I do?

There could be multiple reasons why your BeakBox has stopped working.

First of all, check that your BeakBox is plugged in and your USB cable is working properly - the LED light should turn solid green as soon as you plug your BeakBox in and it has read the microSD card and scanned the files. When the lever is pressed and music is playing, the light should be flashing green.

a. I plugged my BeakBox in but there is no light coming on

Your BeakBox is not getting any power, please check that your USB cable is working. If it is working but the light still doesn’t come on, please send us a message at

b. When I press the lever, the music is not playing and the light is solid yellow

Your microSD card is either missing or damaged. Please make sure that it is properly inserted into the BeakBox card slot and the slot is not damaged. If your BeakBox is still not playing music, we recommend trying a different microSD card.

MicroSD cards are fragile - be very careful when using them especially when inserting them into / taking them out of the BeakBox card slot.

c. My BeakBox is flashing red

Your BeakBox has encountered an internal error - please message us at

d. I uploaded new music and my BeakBox stopped working

Before uploading new tunes onto your BeakBox, please make sure that:

  • your music files are in .mp3 format
  • you have less than 100 songs on your microSD card
  • you don’t have any other types of files on your microSD card (e.g. images) or folders

To test if your newly uploaded music files are the reason why your BeakBox is not working, we recommend formatting your microSD card and uploading the original playlist that BeakBox is shipped with. Download the original BeakBox playlist.

Please note that you will have to unzip this file and drag and drop (or copy and paste) music to the root folder of your microSD card.

e. If you tried all the troubleshooting tips above and your BeakBox still doesn’t work, please send us a message at

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