BeakBox: About Us

About BeakBox

We help parrot owners make the lives of their pet parrots richer and more fun.

The inspiring story behind BeakBox

BeakBox is a story that began with a love for a rescue bird, and a passion for keeping her safe and happy. It started in 2018 when Jessica, our product lead, adopted an Indian Ringneck named Chiko as an eight-year old rescue.

Chiko was Jessica's first bird and she was trying to find only the best for her new flatmate. The one thing she couldn't find anywhere was a toy that would be 100% safe.

A toy without:

  • fibres that are very dangerous when ingested,
  • or wooden blocks dyed with chemicals,
  • or small plastic parts that can be easily ingested.

After many frustrating searches and disappointing trips to local pet shops, Jessica decided that this needed to change. Excited about the possibility of creating something special for Chiko and other feathered friends, Jessica shared her vision with her team of software and hardware experts. The rest, as they say, is history.

The evolution of BeakBox

From a small passion project to a global community of bird lovers, BeakBox has come a long way. What started as an interactive musical perch has now evolved into a brain-stimulating music toy with an interactive lever.

But we didn't stop there. We have been working tirelessly to improve the BeakBox and provide a safe and stimulating experience for our feathered friends.

In the past 5 years, we have made some crucial changes to the BeakBox.

  • We switched from aluminum to stainless steel for extra safety and protection.
  • We made the box smaller for added convenience and cuteness.
  • We went through numerous lever designs and settled on a smaller hole size for safety.
  • We improved the lever mechanics for better ergonomics and movement.

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