BeakBox: How It Works

How BeakBox helps parrot owners and their flock

Keep your birds entertained with our brain-stimulating music toys.

Man holding cockatiel
Parrot looking at you through the top bars of the cage

Say goodbye to parrot boredom

Our brain-stimulating music toy turns long days in solitude into a symphony of joy for your feathered friends. Dive in and discover the magic!

Bring music and joy to your parrot's world

Your parrots are in control

BeakBox is designed for easy interaction. Every push of the beak-proof lever sets the stage for a musical adventure.

Skip that song

Entertaining your parrots is now a piece of cake. BeakBox allows your birds to choose what they want to listen to. If a tune doesn't quite hit the mark, they can skip to the next one with just one push.

DJ your parrot's day

Easily upload your bird's favorite tunes and create playlists for different moods. Watch as your parrots groove to the beats.

Training, bonding, and beyond

Train your parrots to learn new tricks, unlearn destructive behaviors, and strengthen your bond in the process.

See BeakBox in action

Your parrot's best pal

BeakBox is designed to be more than just a toy–it's a cage companion that fills the void of cognitive stimulation in your pet's day.

What parrot owners think about BeakBox

Side view of the BeakBox

No more cords!

With up to 5 days of battery life, BeakBox can now keep your parrots entertained with no cords attached. Enjoy the peace of mind that comes with knowing your birds are safe, stimulated, and free from any risks.

Bird side of the BeakBox For your bird

Inside the cage

This bird-proof side is designed for your bird to control the music. With one press or pull, your birds can start the music or skip to the next song.

Human side of the BeakBox For you

Outside the cage

This side is designed for you to control the BeakBox. Your bird should never have access to this side.

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