BeakBox: How It Works

How It Works

What Is BeakBox?

The BeakBox is a fun and interactive source of cognitive stimulation for your bird. The concept is easy - the strong stainless steel lever activates music every time your bird presses or pulls it and the compact integrated speaker plays tunes you've uploaded onto your BeakBox. How cool is that?

Outside the Cage

Human Controls

  • Customisable Playlist
  • WiFi-Enabled
  • Speaker Volume Controls
  • Aesthetic Look and Feel

Inside the Cage

Bird Controls

  • Press to Play
  • Press to Skip
  • Indestructible Stainless Steel Lever
  • Easy to Install

Customisable Playlist

With the BeakBox you can easily customise your playlist and upload your bird's favourite songs - just drag and drop mp3 audio tracks from your laptop onto the SD card.

Safety by Design

100% non-toxic materials, no paint or ropes, strings, or other materials with the risk of strangulation, entanglement, or ingestion.

Robust and Durable

Use your BeakBox as a learning tool, a fun bird toy, or as a cage companion to help ease separation anxiety.


We care about the environment! Our BeakBoxes arrive packaged in shredded paper, perfect for recycling into cage-liner.

Easy to Install

First, insert the lever into the cage between the bars and screw the wingnuts on. Then insert a microSD card loaded with tunes into the slot and plug it into a USB port. Finally, press the lever and enjoy the music!

What Is Inside?

Already Own a BeakBox?

Visit the link below for pro tips and tricks, and learn how to get the most out of your BeakBox.