BeakBox Blog: DIY Your Bird Perch - Easy and Quick

DIY Your Bird Perch - Easy and Quick

Every bird owner knows that nothing comes cheap when looking for new perches and swings. In this article we’ll show you how to make the perfect little bird balcony - it’s safe and comfortable, and is made from replaceable wooden shafts that are easily swapped out when your bird has chewed through them.

Magick the Indian Ringneck on her new perch beside a BeakBox

You Will Need

  • Bird-safe wooden shafts, ideally the same width as the space between the bars in your cage
  • A helpful bird (optional but recommended)
  • A cage to spice up

For more information on what materials are bird-safe, see our previous blog post about choosing safe bird toys.

Instructions in a Nutshell

Step 1 . Start by gathering your materials and your helpful bird.

Wooden pieces used to build bird perch

Step 2. Find a nice spot in your cage to build the platform. Once you’ve found somewhere suitable, you can begin threading your wooden shafts through the bars.

Wooden pieces being threaded between cage bars

Step 3. Thread them all the way to the opposite side of the cage, so they are supported at both ends. As you can see, I chose to place my wooden pieces through the cage at an angle in order to create a landing that fits in a corner.

Step 4. Now it’s time to secure your platform. If you’re like me and were able to find wooden pieces that fit snugly into the bars of your cage then they should be fine as they are. If your wooden shafts are thinner than your cage bar spaces they may move around and be very easily removed by your bird. To combat this, wind bird-safe rope or wire around one end of your platform to hold it in place.

Wooden pieces secured between cage bars

Step 5. Once your platform is secure it’s time to add your bird's favourite toys, or maybe a food bowl to create a little feeding station. Here are two ways out birds enjoy their bird-balconies!

Chika and Magick the Indian Ringnecks enjoying their bird balconies

Chika has a landing where she eats from her vege-skewer and seed bowl, while Magick uses hers to play with her BeakBox.

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